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Children Playing in Bouncy Castle
Eating Hamburger
Playing Cards
Dancing on Rooftop
Teacher Assisting a Student
Playing Guitar
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Students in Classroom

One time, sometimes, or all the time...whatever works for you, we are glad to have you!

Are you good at basketball?  Do you know how to play a guitar?  Whatever your skill set is, you can have an amazing impact on the life of our clients!

Here are some examples of ways to volunteer here at WCY:

Yoga Instructor

Teach a Dance Class

Guitar Instructor

Play a board game



Play a game of basketball

Psychology Assistant

Watch a movie with a client

Pet Therapy

Teach clients about fitness and exercise

Life Skills Coach

Go on a hike in Cameron Park

Assist in a fundraising event

Sports skills volunteer

Play a game of Uno

Recruit other volunteers

Help out in our Chapel

Administrative work

Character building

Organize Christmas gifts

Therapeutic Recreation

Play Chess

Assist in the classroom

Take a walk around campus

Sit and listen

Unit Volunteer

Paint nails

Teach clients how to make a craft


Questions? Click here!

Teenagers Hiking in Forest
Petting a White Cat
Yoga Class
Chess Game
Playing Basketball
Artist Painting on Canvas
Playing Piano
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